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Irrigation Agronomy

(Not just for citrus!)

  • Chet Townsend - Irrigation Agronomist - Helping growers use multi-sensor soil moisture probes to maximize irrigation efficiency
  • Chet Townsend is one of the top Irrigation Agronomists world-wide, specializing in analyzing soil moisture data using soil moisture probes in many types of crops.
  • Thirteen years of experience analyzing soil moisture graphs and setting up Irrigation Templates (setting full and refill points).
  • Unique ability to train growers to use and understand soil moisture data and graphing software to improve water use efficiency.
  • Introduced soil moisture monitoring to the Florida Citrus Industry beginning in 2001 using C-Probes, AquaSpy Probes, and web-based graphing software.
  • Five years experience providing agronomic support to corn, cotton, soybean, and sugar beet growers in the High Plains using AquaSpy probes and other sensor data.
  • Experience in these states and crops:
    • California: citrus, cherries, pistachios, vineyards
    • Colorado: corn, sugar beet
    • Florida: citrus, tomatoes, blueberries
    • Georgia: corn, cotton, peanut, sweet corn
    • Kansas: corn, soybean
    • Nebraska: corn, soybean, sugar beet
    • Texas: corn, cotton
  • Irrigated systems including flood, center pivot, drip, and micro-sprinkler.
  • Get help on setting up Irrigation Templates for crops, based on crop water use curves, to maximize yields while using less water.

For information on Chet Townsend's qualifications, see his resume.
For additional information and pricing, e-mail Chet Townsend.
Cell phone: 863.673.1374


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